Training tools and knowledge sharing

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In Human Centric Innovation, technology is also seen as a tool to boost the communication of specific values, the sharing of know-how, the creation of competences to make every task more accessible.
This applies to both internal knowledge sharing dynamics and to training activities aimed at creating or enhancing the hard and soft skills of the workers.

In order to improve their business, 5 forward-thinking companies with headquarters in Emilia-Romagna selected a personal challenge in this cluster.

We aim to create meaningful business matches between these 5 corporations  and  international start-ups.

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Training tools for work safety

Innovative technological solutions to create awareness on potential risks and to boost the quality and the engagement of training activities.

Complex problem-solving software

Automated software to support workers with a problem resolution tool based on the analysis of the company’s previous experience.

Training solutions for the installation of mechanical components

Innovative software or technologies to create technical hard skills through engaging training.

Training tools to make tasks more accessible

AI and VR-based technologies to create training courses aimed at developing key skills in employees.