Workplace community, wellbeing and inclusion

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Technology is seen, among others, as a fundamental support to ensure the well-being of every worker: this includes not only welfare, but also the use of innovation to increase the engagement of workers in the workplace community, to commit them towards its corporate culture and to ensure the inclusion of all diversities in the professional environment by eliminating all types of discrimination.

In order to improve their business, 5 forward-thinking companies with headquarters in Emilia-Romagna selected a personal challenge in this cluster.

We aim to create meaningful business matches between these 5 corporations  and  international start-ups.

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Solutions to spread corporate culture

Technological solution that supports the company spreading the corporate values among employees and helps to disseminate a correct approach towards hybrid working

Solutions to boost engagement in hybrid spaces

Technology to increase the interaction, involvement and engagement of participants in hybrid innovation environments.

Tools to guarantee diversity, equity & inclusion

Recruiting technologies designed to remove cognitive biases from recruiters.

Wellbeing lifestyle data collection solutions

Technological solutions that allows data collection or nudging systems to monitor lifestyle and increase the welfare of employers.