Process Optimization, Automation & Customer Centricity

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With the diffusion of the human-machine interaction, technologies became the best support for workers and customers, who remain the two main focuses of every business. The research of innovative solutions allowing time saving, a better operation management and the best customer satisfaction is the key to success of this cluster.

In order to improve their business, 5 forward-thinking companies with headquarters in Emilia-Romagna identified a business challenge in this cluster.

We aim to create meaningful business matches between these 5 corporations  and  international start-ups.

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People flow monitoring and real-time data visualization

Technologies to monitor the flow of a large number of people and to transfer these information to real time data visualization tools.

Visualization tools for customizing products

Configurator that allows the customer to compose a personalized product and to support the staff in visualizing the product designed by the client.

Autonomous and collaborative technologies

Cobots and collaborative robots  for the handling and transportation of products within the industrial space.

Visual platforms to enable product design by the customer

Advanced software and/or hardware technologies to improve and enhance the buying experience of the clients.

Solutions to prevent car accidents related to smartphone use

Technological solution (software and/or hardware) that allows to detect and reduce distraction from smartphones while driving.