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Thursday, December 16th 2021 | Palazzo Pepoli, Bologna & Online streaming


FINAL.MATCH is the closing event of MATCHER with institutional guests, corporate managers and startups talking about innovation focused on the Green Deal key topics: efficient use of resources, moving to a clean and circular economy.

It has been a moment dedicated to sharing the results of MATCHER – Green Deal edition 2021. Moreover, various interventions by the institutions and guest speakers were held and the most successful MATCH.POINT matches were presented. The event had both speakers in presence and remote contributions.


Foto Sharon Cittone tonda


Sharon Cittone

Founder & CEO of Edible Planet Ventures
Sharon has embodied the spirit of a changing world for many years. Having grown up between Milan and New York City and attaining a double degree from NYU in Communication and Journalism and English Literature, she focuses on generating a positive impact for communities and the environment. She creates innovative and sustainable projects, managing every step along the way – from content, media and corporate communication, to relations with innovators, policy makers and entrepreneurs.
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Institutional speaker

Giovanni Anceschi

President of ART-ER Attractiveness, Research, Territory
Giovanni is the President and Board chair of ART-ER, and the Chief Operating Officer of Ammagamma (formerly Energy Way), an innovative company established in 2013 in Modena (Italy), where he leads research and development activities by developing mathematical models to allow customers to optimize their industrial processes. In 2016, he started a project, AlloraSpengo, aimed at sharing knowledge about digital culture and energy efficiency with secondary schools and local communities. Giovanni has recently been included in the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list.
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Institutional speaker

Vincenzo Colla 

Councilor of Emilia-Romagna Region for economic development and green economy, work, professional skills
Vincenzo is Councilor of Emilia-Romagna Region for economic development and green economy, work, professional skills. He has been the General Regional Secretary of the Emilia-Romagna CGIL (one of the three italian confederal trade unions) and General Deputy Secretary of the national CGIL. He has dealt with industrial innovation, networks, energy, the transport system, infrastructures, investee companies, credit and the Tertiary sector. He has taken part to several studies, researches and publications.
Foto Eline Brugman tonda

Guest speaker

Eline Brugman

Director at Deloitte Belgium
Eline is a Director at Deloitte’s Risk Advisory department with a focus on Decarbonization of industry, Future of Energy, Ports and Not-for-Profit. Eline assist companies in developing and transforming their sustainability strategies, service portfolios and related operations, in the implementation of complex projects regarding Future of Energy, new cooperation models, transition frameworks and organizational transformation projects regarding Energy, Ports and Not for profit.
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Guest speaker

Gregor Skender

Sr. Manager at Deloitte Belgium
Gregor is a Senior Manager at Deloitte Belgium and has consulting and advisory experience in both public and private sectors. He is responsible for business development, sales funnel and implementation of projects throughout the policy cycle (planning – implementation – evaluation) and he is focusing on the EU Green Deal with specific interests in socio-economic transition, growth, (sustainable) agriculture with emphasis on rural development, as well as (sustainable) energy transition.
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Guest speaker

Matt Philippe

President of F6S
Matt is the co-founder and president of the F6S community, a global leader in the field of Open Innovation, connecting start-uppers and innovators to corporates, investors, governments, Open Innovation programs and talents to support the growth of their startup. Additionally, Matt has previous experience in marketing and community and innovation ecosystem building and has previously been the co-founder of a start-up.
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Institutional speaker

Ruben Sacerdoti

Director of the Department for the Business Internationalization and FDI attraction of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government
Ruben’s activity is concentrated in defining and managing programs devoted to favor the international cooperation between the Emilia-Romagna Regional High Technology Network (HTN) and international partners, mainly in advanced countries in Europe, North America and Asia. He has experiences at the European Commission, DG Enterprise as Project officer of Innovation Policy C-1 Unit.


Thursday, December 16th 2021 at 4.30 p.m. (CET)

Live streaming on B2Match and YouTube

Anchor | Sharon Cittone

16.30 — 17.00 Institutional welcoming

Giovanni Anceschi, President of ART-ER Attractiveness, Research, Territory

Vincenzo Colla, Councilor of the Emilia-Romagna Region for Economic development and green economy

17.00 — 17.30 Thematic Innovation Talks


KEYNOTE “The EU Green Deal”

Eline Brugman, Director at Deloitte Belgium & Gregor Skender, Sr. Manager at Deloitte Belgium


KEYNOTE “Green Deal & Open Innovation”

Matt Philippe, President of F6S

17.30 — 17.45 Match.Point success cases

Double interview to two Emilia-Romagna corporates and two startups

17.45 — 18.00 Conclusions

Ruben Sacerdoti, Director of the Department for the Business Internationalization and FDI attraction of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government

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